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BYU Library Human Resources

Customer Service Trainings

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Give ’em the Pickle

Watch this classic training video with your employees and afterwards discuss how to apply the principles shown in the video to their library jobs. 30-minute training. You can stream the training video here.

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Stepping Into a Difficult Customer’s Shoes

This activity helps employees better think about what a difficult customer may be going through, effectively being more understanding and patient.

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Road Trip

This exercise shows the reasoning behind making sure expectations are clear to maximize success when working with a customer.

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So Help Me

For training student employees: Using real life scenarios (5 of them), this program demonstrates how frontline employees can provide quality customer service.” For training non-student employees: “Using real life scenarios (5 of them), this program shows supervisors how their management style can enhance or detract from the quality of customer service provided by frontline employees. It also explains how supervisors can better support and empower staff.”

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