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BYU Library Human Resources

Student Evaluations

Near the end of each semester, the Human Resources Office will reach out to Library Supervisors regarding student evaluations.

We will include an evaluation form, as well as a termination form, promotion raise form, and superstar raise form for any applicable students.

You can find the forms here:

Evaluation Form
Termination Form
Promotion Raise Form
Superstar Raise Form

Please review the following details regarding evaluations:

  • Semester raises can be given up to $0.25
  • Superstar raises, and promotion raises may be awarded up to $1.00.
  • Students are eligible for a raise if they have worked the majority of the semester.
    • Each semester the specific cutoff date varies, and we will specify this date when we reach out via email.
  • Evaluations are due a little over two weeks before the next semester begins. The sooner the evaluations are submitted, the sooner raises will be put in effect.
  • PLEASE SUBMIT ALL EVALUATIONS ELECTRONICALLY, IF POSSIBLE, by emailing the completed evaluations to  (Either an electronically filled out evaluation or printed and scanned document will suffice).
    • If possible, please have your students sign the evaluations (electronic signatures are fine).
  • Students are NOT eligible for a raise until they complete New Student Employee Orientation (NSEO).  
    • You may find some of your students are missing the option of receiving a raise on their semester evaluation form. This is because they have not completed the required new student employee training.
    • If you wish to give a student a raise who is currently ineligible, please include this information in the evaluation and speak to your student on completing this orientation.
  • If you have students who are graduating at the end of this semester, the last day that they can work is two weeks following their graduation date.