Food/Drink Policy

Note: These guidelines apply only to Library Employees. Students may NOT consume food in the library except while in the snack zone.

Employees may consume food and drink in a responsible manner out of the public eye and within the guidelines established by their individual departments. Food must be concealed when passing through public areas of the library (except for water bottles). Opaque bags, boxes, etc. are acceptable forms of concealment. Subway, Wendy’s, Pizza Hut, or similar food bags, boxes, and styrofoam containers are unacceptable.

Microwaves are not allowed in any office, or workroom other than the lunchroom on level 6 and the break room on level 2.

Pizza and other warmed foods are strongly discouraged in offices and work areas since the odor spreads throughout the library. Hot foods should be consumed in the lunchroom on Level 6 or the break room on level 2. Popcorn is NOT allowed anywhere in the library.

Food deliveries should be made through the loading dock (not the atrium). Employees ordering food should be certain to provide appropriate delivery instructions and should arrange to be at Receiving when the delivery arrives.

Food and drink may be consumed in a responsible manner in library conference rooms. The chair of the group is responsible for ensuring that the conference room is restored to a clean and uncluttered environment when the meeting is done. The chair should arrange for someone to wipe the table of crumbs and spills and remove smelly or overflowing trash. No red punch should be served at library meetings or events.

Library administrators may approve food service at certain events. The appropriate administrator(s) will determine specific circumstances and locations.