Security Procedures for Crime and Vandalism

The library is a major target for thieves and vandals. George Besendorfer, the active, on-campus police officer for the library, asks that we observe the following steps in a typical occurrence of crime or vandalism:

  • Observe and report suspicious person(s) to the Library Security at 2-1515 or to the University Police at 2-2222. If the suspect is still in the building, call Library Security immediately and provide them with a description of the suspect(s).
  • Do not attempt to detain the suspect(s).
  • If the victim of the crime is present, ask him/her to remain in the library until the University Police arrive.

Report all emergencies (including water leakage) to your supervisor immediately. If your supervisor is not available, contact the Library Administrative Offices at 2-2905 or Library Security at 2-1515 if after 5:00 pm.

Emergency Procedures

Evacuation begins anytime the alarm goes off. If Security can determine immediately that it is a false alarm, an announcement will be made that evacuation is not necessary.

  • If you are in your office when the alarm goes off, quickly gather your personal belongings and evacuate the building. When leaving your office be sure to turn off your computer, shut the door (do not lock), and do NOT turn off any lights.
  • Each area of the library has a designated Area Marshal responsible for evacuating and securing assigned areas.
  • No employee is required to assist with evacuation (including Area Marshals), but your assistance is greatly appreciated.
  • Please evacuate if requested by Security. If a patron refuses to evacuate, please contact Library Security.
  • Any patron requiring immediate attention (wheelchairs, injury, etc.) should be reported to Library Security. Please let the patron know that Security has been notified and will be there to assist shortly.
  • Emergency supplies are located in cabinets or bins throughout the library (check with your Area Marshal for locations).
  • Any situation needing immediate attention (smoke, water, electrical problems, etc.) should be reported immediately to Library Security.
  • For long-term closures, a message will be available on each library employee’s voicemail with updated information concerning the current situation of the library and projected library reopen times.