Use of Library Resources

It is the intent of the Library to treat student employees with fairness and to foster a strong work ethic. In return, the Library expects student employees to adhere to standards of conduct and performance that are established to enable all to work together to achieve the objectives of the University. In addition to policies and procedures outlined by individual departments, the following standards of conduct apply to all Library student employees. In the spirit of equity and fairness to all student employees, supervisors are encouraged to support these standards unless specific circumstances, some of which are listed below, warrant an exception.

Computer/Internet Use

  • Student employees are not allowed to use departmental/office computers or related equipment for personal activities during scheduled work or non-work times. NOTE: Some departments may choose to allow students to use a work computer during scheduled work time to play music (consult with your supervisor about theĀ use of headphones).
  • Inappropriate use may include (but is not limited to) gaming, instant messaging, and participation in unauthorized chat rooms.
  • Students engaged in inappropriate or unauthorized internet use will be subject to disciplinary action up to and including termination.


  • Personal visits and phone calls should be kept to a minimum and should occur during breaks. NOTE: Some departments may choose to disallow cell phones and related devices in the work area.