Communication Trainings

Active Listening (15 minutes): This exercise touches on conflict resolution with the idea that many conflicts arise because team members don’t really listen.  It shows the importance of listening to verbal communication, but also non-verbal communication.  They can discuss why they tuned you out, and what you could have done to keep them tuned in.

Back to Back Drawing (15-25 minutes): This activity is meant to help people improve and think deeply about their communication skills with their fellow employees.  It will also encourage team-building and collaboration

Circle of Help (15-20 minutes): This activity will help your department ask help from other employees in your department.  While facing a difficult situation, employees will have to work together in order to achieve their common goal. This will help them trust you and the other employees in your department more.

Salt and Pepper (30 minutes): This activity helps students learn how to better communicate in a fun and interactive way.  Have students guess what word is on the back of another student.  This activity will also encourage trust and togetherness in your department.

Sedarahc (15-25 minutes): There are stressful situations in the workplace where collaboration is key.  This activity will help your students work together as a team and communicate as you play this classic game with a twist.

Talking in Circles (15-20 minutes): This activity will require everyone to communicate clearly and listen well. This team building activity is best for large departments looking for a way how to improve communication between a lot of employees.

Telestrations (10-15 minutes): This activity tends to create a lot of laughter and is an excellent ice-breaker at parties or before long meetings where you want people to be comfortable with each other. The drawings and interpretations tend to bring out discussion and jokes.

The Perfect Square: (15-30 minutes): Looking for a way to get the most out of your employees potential in terms of communication and leadership?  This exercise will help your employees learn for themselves the best way to communicate and lead.

Tinker Toys Team Building Activity (40 minutes): Often employees are given goals from an organization or department and asked to reach them without much direction. The team tower building exercise teaches employees how to accomplish goals, emphasizing teamwork and communication

What’s My Name (10-30 minutes): This is a really great ice-breaker game, but also allows each person to confront stereotypes in the questions used and the answers given, as well as by how they treated others and other treated them based solely on their label. It permits each person to get a better idea of how we erroneously perceive people, as well as how it feels to be so narrowly characterized by a simple label.

Zoom and Re-Zoom (20-25 minutes): This game is based on the intriguing, wordless, picture books “Zoom” and “Re-Zoom” by Istvan Banyai which consist of 30 sequential “pictures within pictures”.  This will help your employees develop communication skills, perspective taking, and problem solving skills.