Creative Problem Solving Trainings

Frostbite (20-25 minutes): Your employees are no longer sitting in your office, they’re Arctic explorers trekking across the frozen tundra! Have each team elect a leader to guide their expedition. When a sudden storm hits, the team must erect an emergency shelter to survive. However, both of the team leader’s hands have frostbite, so s/he can’t physically help construct the shelter, and the rest of the team has snow blindness and is unable to see. Give each team a set of construction materials and start the timer. When time runs out, the arctic storms and hungry yeti will appear. Make sure the shelter can withstand the elements!

Helium Stick Activity (10-15 minutes): Watch your employees laugh and cry while trying to keep the “helium stick” on their finger tips.  This activity will help your students coordinate with each other to come up with creative solutions.

Hula-Hoop Pass (5-10 minutes depending on how many rounds): Watch the difference happen when your employees actually communicate with each other as they participate in this fun and simple activity.

It’s Your Problem (30 minutes): This exercise puts leadership responsibilities back on your team, showing them that they have the potential to come up with solutions, too. It also gives your team a chance to challenge other team members in ways they might not otherwise find the opportunity to do so in regular workday activity.

Marshmallow Challenge (15-20 minutes): This activity will help employees try to figure out creative ways to achieve a common goal. Watch as they struggle to make a tall sculpture made of delicious marshmallows.

Picture Pieces Game (30 minutes): This problem solving activity will teach participants how to work in a team and it demonstrates divisionalized ‘departmental’ working, which is the understanding that each person working on their own part contributes to an overall group result.

Sneak a Peek Game (10 minutes): In this activity, employees will learn how to follow your instructions as well as communicate those instructions to their co-workers. Employees will build a sculpture using building blocks and the students will have to repeat back to their team what it was and how to build it after only looking at it for 10 seconds.

The Barter Puzzle (20 minutes): This exercise accomplishes creative teamwork on several levels. As a team, they must build the puzzle. As a team, they must find a way to convince the other teams to help them. In other words, they must solve both the puzzle and the problem of getting their pieces back.

The Human Knot (15-30 minutes): This activity is made to build teamwork and collaboration as your participants must rely on one another to untangle themselves from the knot they’ve built.

Toxic Waste (15-25 minutes): In this fun activity, employees will look for a solution using unconventional means to the “toxic waste” problem.