Team Bonding Trainings

Find the Common Thread (15 minutes): The idea is to force your team to confront the foolish nature of stereotypes and how, if people really behaved as we casually write them off to be, the office would be much different. The game also reveals the ability of a seemingly random group of people to find a commonality.

Nasa Moon Survival (10-15 minutes): This activity will help employees learn more about making decisions as a team and working together for the good of the whole team.

Office Trivia or Jeopardy (30 minutes): During this activity, you can test employees on common office procedures, weird things about the office, or facts about other employees.  This is a great team building activity where your employees can learn together about the office and each other.

Photo Scavenger Hunt (30-45 minutes): This activity will help your employees use their brain power collectively to remember different spots in the library.  Watch your employees fall in love with the library and start to enjoy to work together all at the same time.

Story Building (5-15 minutes): This game can help a team get on the same page while having fun creating something together.

The Chocolate Game (10-15 minutes): The goal of this activity is to help team members overcome conflicting goals and teach employees that working together is always the best and easiest solution for everyone.

The Maze (10-20 minutes): This activity has employees coach each other in facing tough unforeseen situations and turning negative fallouts into positive learning experiences. They will learn how to handle mistakes and how to work with each other.

Two Truths and a Lie (10-15 minutes): Learn who your coworkers are and who lies the best at the same time in this classic game.