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BYU Library Human Resources

Amount of Work Allowed, Breaks, and Devotionals

Amount of Work Allowed

Regular Daytime Students
International Students
Maximum amount of hours per week an international student employee can work is 20 (week runs Saturday 12:00 am- Friday 11:59 pm).
Maximum amount of hours per week an international student employee can work is 20 (week runs Saturday 12:00 am- Friday 11:59 pm).
Maximum amount of hours per week a student employee can work is 40.Maximum amount of hours per week an international student employee who is on their break period can work is 40.

Important Note

International students jeopardize their visa status if this limit is exceeded even by 1 second. To avoid jeopardizing their visa status, supervisors should only schedule international students to work 19 hours per week and carefully monitor their work hours. If an international student works more than 20 hours in a week, they will be immediately terminated and lose their status with the University, which may result in deportation.


For every four consecutive hours of work you may take one, on-the-clock, ten minute break. You may not take your break at the beginning or end of work periods or accumulate unused break time for later use.

Supervisors have the right and responsibility to set the work schedules of their employees. Supervisors determine break and meal periods based on departmental needs. Management should make every effort to deal fairly with student employees in practicing consistent and equitable procedures regarding break and meal periods.

Generally it is recommended that an off the clock meal period be taken (20 minutes or longer) after five hours of work. Please remember that at a 30 minute break is mandatory only if you are under the age of 18. Other than that, breaks should be coordinated with your supervisor.

Please remember that any break you will be clocking out for, it must be 20 minutes or longer.

Break Rooms

Break rooms are located on the second and sixth floor. The second floor break room (2048) requires key card access. If you do not have key card access please speak with your supervisor.

Rules for break room:

  1. Only staff, student employees, and full-time employees may use the break rooms.
  2. You may use the break rooms only during your scheduled shift. Using the break room outside your scheduled shift for reading, studying, sleeping, or other purposes is not appropriate.
  3. Smelly food must be contained on the sixth floor. Popcorn is not allowed anywhere in the Library because of its smell.
  4. Hot foods should only be consumed in the break rooms.
  5. Please use common courtesy, clean up after yourself, and do your best to not disrupt others. In this way we can all enjoy the break rooms together.


All student employees are required to clock out for all devotionals and forums. Devotionals and forums are University-sponsored activities, and you are encouraged to attend.