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Y-Time Corrections

Self Corrections

Announcing a New Feature for Correcting Time Punch Exceptions (Mis-Punch).

Please read the instructions below and click to watch the Mis Punch Video

Y Time Corrections - Mis-Punch

All hourly employees will have the benefit of fixing selected time exceptions – those that occur within the current pay period plus those from the previous pay period. As a Y-Time user, you will have the opportunity to correct the following exceptions:

  • missing In-punch
  • missing Out-punch
  • duplicate punches

At the completion of each pay period, employees with exceptions will receive an email with a link to their timesheet. To begin, click on the link and then click on the “Previous Period” at the top of the Timesheet. The exceptions that can be self-corrected will be highlighted. We encourage you to be mindful of your time worked, periodically review your timesheet, self-correct the allowable exceptions and communicate with your Y-Time manager regarding any remaining exceptions. (Time managers will receive a report of all modifications made to the timesheet by employees.)

Important Note

These self-corrections must be completed before the end of the current pay period. Employees will not be paid for days where exceptions occur until all exceptions on that day are resolved.

For more instructions on Y-Time Corrections please visit BYU’s Official Y-Time website.