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BYU Library Human Resources

Creative Problem-Solving Trainings

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Creative Problem-Solving

Students will learn principles of creative problem-solving and how to work through a problem using the design-thinking process. 30-minute interactive training OR 7-minute non-interactive training.

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Marshmallow Challenge

This activity will help employees try to figure out creative ways to achieve a common goal. Watch as they struggle to make a tall sculpture made of delicious marshmallows.

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Picture Pieces Game

This problem solving activity will teach participants how to work in a team and it demonstrates divisionalized ‘departmental’ working, which is the understanding that each person working on their own part contributes to an overall group result.

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Helium Stick Activity

This activity is a quick, easy game made to build teamwork and problem solving skills. They must place fingers under a hula hoop and lower it to the ground without any fingers losing contact with the hoop. It promotes teamwork and group work.

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The Barter Puzzle

This activity accomplished creative teamwork on several levels. Students are separated into teams and they must each build a puzzle but the pieces are all mixed up between all the teams. As a team, they must find a way to convince the other teams to hand over their pieces and build their puzzle.

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